in discussion in with Prof ALLAN W ANDERSON

San Diego 1974

3.30 pm Sunday, 16 Nov 2014
in the Foundation Room

 SCREENING: 58 minutes
Please stay for REFRESHMENTS afterwards

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One of 18 dialogues with Prof Allan W Anderson

Is there a fundamental inner change that is demanded of each one of us? In a series of 18 dialogues with Prof Allan W Anderson, Krishnamurti indicates that pinning our hopes on organised religion, science, political ideology or the market economy not only fails to address basic human problems but actually creates them.

The way out of our difficulties, Krishnamurti states, can only start in the mind of each one of us, in an awareness of the way we actually perceive life, ourselves and others.

The dialogues, which have been reproduced in the book A Wholly Different Way of Living, took place at San DiegoS tate University from 18 to 28 February 1974.


J Krishnamurti (1895-1986) spoke throughout his life in many parts of the world to large audiences as well as with numerous individuals, including writers, scientists, philosophers and educators.

He was concerned with all humanity and stated repeatedly that he held no nationality or belief and belonged to no particular group or culture.

In the latter part of his life he travelled mainly between the schools he had founded in India, Britain and the United States, schools that educate for the total understanding of man and the art of living. He stressed that only this profound understanding can create a new generation that will live in peace.

Allan W Anderson (1922–2013) was Professor of Religious Studies at San DiegoStateUniversity, where he taught from 1962 to 1985. Several generations of students credit him with a lasting and profound impact on their academic and personal lives.  He was recipient of California’s Distinguished Teaching Award.

Prof Anderson has written two books and presented numerous papers on the nature of religion, spirituality and the oracular tradition at international conferences. He has also become well known for his 1974 series of eighteen dialogues with J Krishnamurti available on DVD and published in book form as A Wholly Different Way of Living.


  • What actually is existence, living, this whole field of man’s endeavour to better himself,
    not only in the technological world but also psychologically?
  • Isn’t the way we live most impractical, an insane way of living, destructive, with utter indifference to the earth?
  • The energy of conflict is destructive, the action of perception brings about care and responsibility.
  • What is the reality of consciousness? What is it to be aware?
  • Living, love and death are the same movement.


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