The Challenge of Change (1:17)

The Mind of J Krishnamurti  (0:59)
A Michael Mendizza film

Krishnamurti on Freedom
An Introduction to the Teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti (0:32)

Krishnamurti – The Reluctant Messiah (0:26)

Krishnamurti – Chronicles of a Less Ordinary Life  (0:47)

J.Krishnamurti – Life, Story and Teachings (1:19)

Krishnamurti: With a Silent Mind (1:40)

Krishnamurti – The Seer Who Walks Alone (0:51)

Jiddu Krishnamurti: Role of a Flower (BrockwoodPark 1985)  (0:26)

Historical Film of Young Krishnamurti 2. (1:02)

Historical Film of Young Krishnamurti 3. (0.18)

J Krishnamurti – The Real Revolution (1966)

Beyond Myth and Tradition (A twelve-part series)
Produced and Directed by Evelyn Blau and Michael Mendizza

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