A Question from 3rd Q & A Meeting, Saanen 1980

QUESTION: when I go back to my home shall I talk about the teachings, your work. Since I am still fragmented will I not create more mischief and confusion?

KRISHNAMURTI: You know this is really a very good question. All the religious talk, the priests, the gurus, the whole works, are promulgated by fragmented human beings – right? Though they say ‘We are high up’, they are still fragmented human beings. Right? And we are spreading all that, I don’t know if you realise it. I may say I am a complete human being. I know heaven, I know illumination, I know – all the rest of it. You understand? The moment you have said ‘I have attained’, you are a fragmented human being. Right? The priests have said it, only moderately. And we are spreading what they are telling us because we are fragmented human beings like them, therefore we accept another fragment. I wonder if you see this.

And the questioner says, asks, I have understood what you have said somewhat, partially, not completely, I am not a transformed human being. I understand. And I want to tell others what I have understood – what I have understood. I don’t say I have understood the whole works, I have understood a part. I know it is fragmented, I know it is not complete, I am not interpreting the teachings, or the work, I am just informing you what I have understood. What is wrong with that? But if you say, ‘I have grasped the whole damn thing and I am telling you’ – then he becomes the authority, the interpreter, the chairman of the committee and such a person becomes a danger, he corrupts other people. But if I have seen something which is true, I am not deceived by it, true. I feel in that there is a certain affection, love, compassion, I feel that very strongly. Naturally I can’t help but go out, I mean it would be silly to say I won’t. But I warn my friends, I say, ‘Look, be careful, don’t put me on a pedestal’. You haven’t put me on a pedestal. This pedestal is only for convenience, which doesn’t give the speaker authority whatsoever. But as the world is so corrupt and human beings who are tied to something or other – to a belief, to a person, to an idea, to an illusion, to a dogma, they are corrupt. And that corruption speaks. And we also are somewhat corrupt, so we join the crowd.

If you see the beauty of these hills, the river, the extraordinary tranquillity of a fresh morning, the shape of the mountains, the valleys, the shadows, how extraordinarily everything is in proportion, not made by the painter. Seeing that, won’t you write to your friend? You say, ‘Come over here, look at this’. Then you are not concerned about yourself but about the beauty of the mountain. You understand?


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