How thought takes shape

If one wants to see a thing very clearly, one’s mind must be very quiet, without all the prejudices, the chattering, the dialogue, the images, the pictures – all that must be put aside to look.

Freedom from the Known,103

What is thought made of?

Is thought the cause of all division, of all fragmentation in life? What is thought made of? What is the substance of those pieces of thread woven into that complex cloth we call the mind? Thought is matter, probably measurable. And it comes from the accumulated memory, which is matter, stored in the brain. Thought has its origin in the past, recent or remote. Can one be aware of thought as it arises out of the past- the recollections of the past, the action of the past?

Eight Conversations,19

Thought is matter

Those who think a great deal are very materialistic because thought is matter. Thought is matter as much as the floor, the wall, the telephone, are matter. Energy functioning in a pattern becomes matter. There is energy and there is matter. That is all life is. We may think thought is not matter but it is. Thought is matter as an ideology. Where there is energy it becomes matter. Matter and energy are interrelated. The one cannot exist without the other, and the more harmony there is between the two, the more balance, the more active the brain cells are. Thought has set up this pattern of pleasure, pain, fear, and has been functioning inside it for thousands of years and cannot break the pattern because it has created it.

Freedom from the Known,101

If you can move from freedom

If you can move from freedom, then you will discover the most extraordinary things of the mind. And then you will find that the mind itself is the total reality: it is not that there is a reality to which the mind goes, but the mind itself, that extraordinary thing, when there is no contradiction within itself – when there is no anxiety, no fear, no desire to be successful – then that mind itself is that which is eternal, unnameable. But to speculate about the eternal without understanding the whole process of the mind is just childish play; it is an immature game which scholars, whom you worship, play. So, it would be good if you and I could really go into this, as two human beings interested in solving the problems we have, which are also the problems of the world. The personal problem is not different from the world problem. But you cannot tackle it if you have not understood the mind.

So, please, do watch your mind, go into it not merely when you have nothing to do, but from the moment you get up to the moment you go to bed, from the moment you wake up until you go back to sleep. Then you will begin to find out what an extraordinary richness there is – a richness not in knowledge, but in the nature of the mind itself. It is in the mind, also, that there is ignorance. The dispelling of ignorance is all-important, not the acquisition of knowledge, because the dispelling of ignorance is negative while knowledge is positive. And, a man who is capable of thinking negatively has the highest capacity for thinking. The mind which can dispel ignorance and not accumulate knowledge such a mind is an innocent mind, and only the innocent mind can discover that which is beyond measure.

Collected Works Vol. XI,67

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